Chris's Mantua Victory

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Chris's Mantua Victory

Post by Pete Coleman » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:23 pm

These photos show just a taste of the finished model.
It was built during the time period March 2007 – June 2009.
It is based on the Mantua kit number 776
That kit describes itself as being 1:98 scale although I calculated and built it based on 1:96 scale/
I opted to leave the model natural wood finish. Consequently I made a few changes to the wood and kit fittings as were supplied in the box.
As many of the supplied parts especially those for the deck fittings are manufactured from thin plywood, I found it necessary to discard them and to remake the parts; to do this I used pieces of walnut strip wood – 2x2 3x3 etc which are readily model shops and suppliers.
I used strip wood because I do not have the tools and facilities to turn and cut items – and I wanted everything where possible to be of just wood varnished finish.
Had I opted for a painted finish I am sure many of the supplied parts could have been utilised and doctored with other materials – card, wire, plastic etc to enhance their appearance and the results of such modifications would have remained forever hidden below a coat or two of paint.
The figures on the model are commercial cast metal ones available from the Amati range.

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