I Blame Rob:

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I Blame Rob:

Post by Pete Coleman » Wed Jan 18, 2012 6:30 pm

Guess who turned up on site today, the H&S man, that's who!
Seems a bit of a coincidence doesn't it?
Luckily the guys had just finished setting up the new luffing jib extension pieces and also the reeving of the double hook
system utilising the old tried and tested way of using a very large rubber band to keep some back-tension on the pulleys!
So after giving him a large whiskey and a Cuban cigar, one very happy H&S man left us to continue with our business...


Unfortunately for me, I can only use the bigger two of the supplied extension pieces as I would need a reducing section to
be able to use the two smaller ones.
Never mind, perhaps I'll have to save up for the 54 metre set that has the piece in that I require. This would result in a total
of just over 90 metres (292') of crane extension!
Here is "Big Yellow" with the two extensions pieces fitted into place and then slung with two lifting hooks.
The two smaller extension pieces and their associated guy-lines can be seen stacked up by the side of the site office along
with the heavy lift head. (They will make an interesting load for the ballast trailer when it arrives)!





Cheers for now,
Best regards, Pete. (A.O.T.F.) :character-spongebobdance:
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Re: I Blame Rob:

Post by Rob » Wed Jan 18, 2012 7:15 pm

A large whisky and a Cuban cigar Pete? I doubt it. More likely it was the dodgy looking suit sliding his hand inside his jacket that scared the HSE man away, 9mm Glock in a shoulder rig I shouldn’t wonder.

Anyway your guys are working at height on that window sill, get a safety barrier set up round the perimeter immediately. x13x


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