Logging my build of the "Mossie"

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Post by Pete Coleman » Sun May 16, 2010 3:59 pm

Hi, This is a log of the trials and tribulations involved in my attempt at building "Airfix's" 1:24th Mosquito kit.
I had originally created a website for this build, but decided to log it here instead, because readers would not
be able to offer their comments good or bad or critisize my efforts on the website (on second thoughts perhaps
I should have kept the website)! :shock:

I do not intend this log to be a master class, as my meagre skills will surely testify,
I'm just a normal modeller having a go, so to speak!

No doubt I shall make several "cock-ups" along the way and we can all have a good laugh at those!

I do not intend to go "overboard" with this build, but I will attempt to do the best that I can.

Let battle commence.............

Click here for the sound of a real Mosquito doing fly-bys

Best regards, Pete. (A.O.T.F.) :character-spongebobdance:
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