THe Hull Bulkheads

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THe Hull Bulkheads

Post by chrism » Mon Sep 06, 2010 10:43 am

Work has started on the hull bulkheads.

I have made a selection of parts. Some from single thickness card, some from layers of thin stuff. I have now come to decision and all parts will be from a single thickness material.

The time so far spent was a useful exercise as I learnt a lot about this kit and how the parts slot together. Unlike a wooden kit the parts do not want to be dry fitted too much as it significantly weakens some of the slots and interlocking tab parts.

There really is not much to show of my bulkheads at present - but to give an idea of what is involved I have pinched a photo of Christoper Suchys model that was displayed on numerous other forums to show you.


The red lines are infact the upper and lower gunport framing pieces. I am not sure yet whether to do my gunports that way, or whether to individually put 4 pieces of card on the reverse side of the hull side pieces and frame my ports that way. Both methods have their merits and downsides.

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